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Whoaaaaaaaaaa !!.

Headache !!.

Starting last Saturday,something was gone.
Something that has been with me since 2001.
Oh.. I will miss it so !!.

So many memories.
So many tales.

Believe it or not,I shed a tear when it left.


YES,I'm talking about my ( former ) car.


Akh !!. Dodol !!. Sampe sekarang pun masih sedih !!. Padahal sudah ada gantinya.

* Yeah..my car is one messy car !!. Hehe *

* Best sticker I got on it !. Too bad I can't find another one like this. Bought it in Bali anyway *

* I'll miss this sticker the most. POWER PUFF GIRLS !!. Oh well * wipes tears * *

Bye bye,car !.
Thanks for every thing.
Each day we've spent together meant a lot to me !.
Hope those dudes takes good care of you..

As hard as it is to let you go,letting the memories that came a long with it is the hard-est !.

[ kepikiran untuk hijrah ke wordpress. Hmmm...... ]


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  1. Ratie July 16, 2008 at 7:07 AM
    STIKERNYA SAYAH JUGA PUNYAAAAHHH... Ooohhhh.. tampaknya aku semakin mengenal dirimu,cabelita...

  2. Unee.Adisti July 18, 2008 at 11:45 AM
    stiker nyang manah,neng ?.. yang pawerpaf yak ?.. hahahahaha...

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